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Many, especially young women, have irregular periods. For some sexually active people, it can be an indication of pregnancy. And, you might have to take a pregnancy test. But for the non-sexual people, it can be a matter of concern. And, can scare them. Here are a few reasons which can cause late periods.

Worry less and leave your brain and hormones in peace to have regular periods. Stress or worry, illness changes in weight or nutrition or strenuous exercise can affect your menstrual cycle.

Thyroid imbalance
Thyroids not in place? get it tested. An overactive or an underactive thyroid can both affect your period or menstrual flow. In the case of an irregular or late period where it’s difficult to know the reason, one should get our thyroid tested(blood test).

One of the most common causes of missing or having a late period is PCOS. PCOS can cause infertility, obesity, excessive hair growth on the body, and irregular menstrual flow. This can be serious and if you think this is the reason then you must see a doctor ASAP.

Low body weight
Women suffering from eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia can experience late and irregular flow. Weighing 10% below your normal range as per your height can disbalance the way your body works and stop ovulation. Increasing weight in a healthy manner can help get normal periods.

Birth control
Using birth control can disbalance your hormones causing late or irregular periods. All birth control methods that release a hormone or hormones can affect the timing and flow of menstruation. Hormonal IUD’s, implants, shots, pills patch, and rings all can hamper your menstrual cycle.

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