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Nowadays for every occasion be it beginning of new relationships or the laziness of laughing away or in the excuse of gossip everyone wants only a cup of tea. But if you are one of those people who are accustomed to drinking bed tea then be cautious. Tea contains L-Thiamin and Theophylline in addition to caffeine which makes you active but with some serious consequences.
Nausea and nervousness
Drinking tea empty stomach effects, the process of work. This can cause nausea and you may feel nervous. It is not a good habit to have bed tea rather have tea only after eating something in the morning.

The risk of getting an ulcer
Those who drink bed tea or have tea with an empty stomach are at risk of getting ulcer and hyper-acidity because drinking empty tea hot tea increases the chances of wounds in the inner surface of the stomach. As it is hot drink so avoid having it first thing in the morning.
Not feeling hungry
It is believed that black tea is good for health and it also reduces weight but drinking empty stomach black tea may cause your problems in the stomach and you will not feel hungry the whole day even. It kills the drive to eat food which is very unhealthy.
Mood swing problem
Drinking empty tea stomach bed tea quickly makes you feel tired. Also, the mood swing problem also increases which makes you quite irritated all the time.

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