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Every girl wants to look her best on the wedding day. Along with make-up, lehenga plays a very important role too. If the correct choice of Lehenga is bought, then one of the major items is sorted. Many times, the mind is confused with this thing about how the bride's make-up will be? or what kind of jewelry should be taken. But once the lehenga is selected, then understand the rest of the problems are resolved. That is because the skin tone and other beauty products are chosen only according to the lehenga.
How to Buy the Right Lehenga? What are the things to keep in mind? All these things are important, and it is also worth noting that do not always buy typical red or maroon color. If you are going to get married soon and have a plan for buying lehenga, then we are telling you a few things, which you must keep in mind:

1- First of all, keep in mind that you should buy a lehenga that looks good on the bride and is beautiful. Do not follow the trend, rather choose a lehenga according to what suits the bride. All have different features and preference.

2- If the weight of the lehenga is less than the bride's weight, then it is much better. Otherwise, even if the bride will wear lehenga but then she will be left in charge of taking care of lehenga during her marriage ceremony all the time. This will be a headache for her.

3- Do not buy it by just looking at lehengas but try it too. It does not necessarily mean that the lehenga that looks good, even after wearing it looks or feel good. Apart from this, choose the lehenga according to the height and skin color of the bride.
4- If the bride is fair, then bright colors will look good on her. From red to pink, blue, green and orange color will add more beauty. If the skin is dark, then marron color will look beautiful and apart from that rust orange and green will be a great option.

5- If lehenga is heavy, then select the dupatta which is light and if the lehenga is light then take a heavy dupatta. That's because if both things become heavy, the jewelry that the bride will wear will not reflect properly.
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