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Alcohol is made of fermented fruits gains and psychoactive ingredient ethanol. Ethanol is a psychoactive substance which makes everyone drunk alcohol. One of the most popular psychoactive ingredient in the world. Drinking Alcohol is an important part of most of the parties. But the question is " It is good for our health or bad?"
Consumption of Moderate Alcohol can be beneficial for health but still risky.
What are moderate amounts of Alcohol?
Moderate amounts of Alcohol means four alcoholic drink a day for a man and three alcoholic drink a day for a man.
Example of one drink included amounts:
Wine: 5 oz or 148mlBeer: 12 oz or 355mlDistilled spirits(80proof): 1.5 oz or 44ml
How Moderate Alcohol can be beneficial for health:
It can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Probably it reduces your risk of ischemic stroke (when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow)Possibly reducing your risk of diabetes.
Some more benefits:
Brandy cures shore throat,Beer cures kidney stones,Red wine hypertension,Tequila cures anxiety,Tonic water cures Malaria.Still, it's not a good idea to start drinking Alcohol because of health benefits. Many other natural foods are far better for a healthy body than drinking Alcohol. Remember that health benefits are really less than bad health risk with using Alcohol.
These are some bad risks of Alcohol:
1.breast cancer, 2. Lever cancer, 3. High blood pressure, 4. Stroke, 5. Heart muscles damage. It can be lead to heart failure,6. Brain damage in newborn,7. Drink and drive can meet with bad accident and injuries Etc.
So, before raising your hand make sure that doesn't go up from Moderate amounts or better avoid it and take care of your health.
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