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Behind the glitzy aura of a living, breathing superstar is the horrifying struggles of an 11-year-old boy as he puts it. Yes. Only a few know about his background and the trouble he had to go through during his childhood days. Born with an extra thumb fused with his right thumb, he was always the centre of jokes at school. It is hard fact, but yes, even the Greek god of Bollywood faced bullying in school.

Growing up Hrithik suffered from a very embarrassing stammering problem which really affected his self-esteem and he suffered from under-confidence. Not to give up in a poor situation, he started taking extensive speech therapy sessions. Adding to that, he read a lot of books aloud and focused on the correct pronunciation. This is how he overcame his problem after practicing for hours and hours daily.

The second bad news came when he was diagnosed with scoliosis at a very young age, a medical condition in which a person’s spine has a sideways curve. Suffering from extreme pain, his dream of being a Bollywood actor seemed hard, because the doctors informed him that he would not able to move that much, let alone dancing or performing stunts.
Of course, he proved everyone wrong with his willpower and is now an inspiration for many. Hrithik still holds the title of the best dancer in Bollywood, inspiring a generation of Bollywood actors with his awe-striking moves.

So, it was only obvious that when a book titled, ‘Stories for boys who dare to be different’, highlighted his struggles, the superstar felt huge gratitude. He took to Instagram to share a few of his words for the same. Here is what he wrote:
“Pleasantly shocked to find this.How I wish I could go back in time and show the 11-year-old me this image.Is this a little thing or really as big as it feels inside me? Perhaps the biggest recognition I've ever received. Thank you for this . .”
This book mainly provides the much-needed courage to kids battling peer pressure, bullying or even getting ridiculed for their desire to be different. Completely true and honest in its approach, 'Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different' is much-needed in today's world where identities are blurred with stereotypical old notions.

The book also mentions about the struggle of other celebrated personalities like Saman Kunan, Tom Daley, Chris Mosier, Seebohm Rowntree, Kimani Maruge, etc.

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