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A girl is a Girl first, then she is a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, girlfriend, lover, partner, mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and there are so many relations that a girl carries in her whole life. In some countries, a girl is also considered as an avatar of Goddess (every girl).

But then I want to ask a question here, if we are God-like, give birth to your children, play many roles in our entire life, then why… why we get molested every time. I am not talking about bus, train, public toilets, unknown places, shady roads (they are already unsafe and most importantly outside our home) but I am talking about molestation in our own house.

Yes, you might be shocked to hear but have to accept it that not only in one country, but it is also the story of almost every second house all over the world. If you calculate the percentage of the girls molested outside their house to the percentage of the girls who got molested inside their house, you will be shocked by the result. Because you gonna get result inclined more towards in-house molestation.

This means a girl, a woman even a child is not save in their own house, where their people lives, their parents live, the place where born. It is really so disturbing, seriously!

More than disturbing, it is so shameful who does this- a relative! It is a relative, where it is a close on or the far… far… one, but it always the hidden hound inside that person, his low-mind-set and maybe upbringing.

What steps parents or the guardians should take to save their girls:

 First of all, a mother is the most closet person to her children, especially with her daughter. She is the one who can make her daughter understand everything about her child’s parts, and what is wrong and what is right. And these private training should be done from a very early age. Fathers can also take the part in this, by letting her daughter believe that ‘he is with her no matter what happens’. So that she can share with you if something goes wrong with her.

 Never believe on any relative, not even on women, because you cannot interpret anyone’s intentions, right. Take your daughter with yourself, everywhere she wants to go and never leave her with any relative, until the person is the one on whom you can believe, but never believe blindly.

 Make your child aware of all the actions she can take if this happens, and fearless she can talk with you. Reminding all the answers of her booklet, first, make her learn all the security numbers (in case of emergency).

 You can make your daughter learn self-defense techniques by some professional teacher so that she get strong physically and mentally.

Stay safe! Stay alert!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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