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If you always stay away from fasting or if you say that you can’t live without eating a single day, then let me tell you that fasting can be an answer of most of your health-related issues. Don’t you know that fasting slow down the collection of bad cholesterol? Not only this, but fasting has so many benefits, let see below.

Before starting the fasting program make sure you consult your doctor. Fasting for one day in a while, don’t make a big impact, but if you are in planning of fasting more often, then I would suggest you to first consult your doctor.

Fasting may help in losing weight

Intermittent fasting including not eating for a short time period, for example, the person can choose not to eat from 1 p.m to 5 p.m. A study has proven this. Among the subject who fasted on alternate days for three to 12 weeks, the researchers observed a three-to- seven-per-cent decrease in body weight and a decrease in body fat as well.

Fasting may help lower bad cholesterol

Collecting bad cholesterol is one of the leading health issues that is attacking most of the people and becoming the major cause of heart attack. A survey was done on 71 individuals who followed- “fasting-mimicking diet”—one that restricted calories, sugar, and protein but was high in unsaturated fats—for five consecutive days per month over a three-month period. During these five days, participants consumed roughly 40 percent of their recommended daily calorie intake.

Reduce Diabetes Risk

Yes, if you are in fear of getting diabetic, like your father. Don’t worry, fasting can help you. It will relieve your mind as well as reduce the risk of diabetes. The program that runs for reversing diabetes includes fasting as well.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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