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Short hair and sweaty summer afternoon make you irritated and frustrated. And, with short hair, it’s kind of difficult to look for hairstyles that can rock with your personality and outfit. To keep your hair in style even on a hot summer day, here are hairstyles that are easy to do and for sure makes a statement.

Flip twist hairdo
This casual and chic hairstyle can be done in just about 5 minutes. All you have to do is a ponytail but with a twist.

Steps: Brush your hair and make a side part, Take small strands from each side and twist them, keep adding hair as you go, Secure the twisted strands at the back with bobby pins, Pull the rest of the hair and tie it into a mid-high ponytail

Sleek Bun
This glamorous hairstyle is a savior. It gives you a nice red carpet look and also can save you from the sweaty hair movements on a summer day.

Steps: Get hold of all your hair, Twist it to the back in a cute bun, Secure it with pins, Some hair gel can help you keep it intact.

Boxer braid
Also known as double braids cannot only rock in long hair but also in short hair. Want a badass hairdo? this hairstyle is the answer

Steps: Part your hair from the center, Braid both the sections into a french or a dutch braid, till the very end, Secure the braids with hair ties

Half updo with bangs
Frame your face perfectly with a messy half updo and a little fringe. This adorable hairstyle is easy to do and can help you rock both office and casual look.

Steps: Divide your hair into horizontal halves, Tie the upper half into a ponytail, Wrap the ponytail around the tie and secure it with a bobby pin, Pull the hair forward for a messy look.

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