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Life without Phones cannot be imagined in today’s world. And, bedtime without a phone? It is the scariest dream. Bedtime nowadays usually means scrolling through Instagram and watching a few episodes of your favorite series until you fall asleep. But if we stop using phones before going to bed it can actually improve your lifestyle. Here is how


Not using the phone before bedtime gives you time to interact and spend quality time with your family. One can discuss our long day and even future plans and make memories that will last forever. Using the phone at night might feel like killing the dead space but actually, it eliminates the time and space for meaningful and peaceful movements.


It’s a scientifically proven fact that the screen time can mess with your sleep. Everyone thinks that it is stupid and doesn’t believe it, but it actually improves your sleep. Not using the phone before bedtime gives less strain to your eyes and helps you fall asleep early and proper with a peaceful mind.


Using phone before bedtime divides your attention and makes you miss on the other things you are doing. The regular beeps and urge to know what’s hot divides your attention again and again. Keeping phone to a side helps you concentrate on that one thing you are doing without divide attention.


Don’t let the doubts and fears of the next day creep you into your nighttime routine. Keeping phone aside sidelines your tensions and worries from work and keeps you relaxed. As a result, it gives you a stress-free and peaceful morning.

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