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Every year a film on India is sent to the Oscars and there are many Indian films in this period every year. Some films become victims of misfortune even when they are fine. If these 5 Indian films of different languages had the chance, then what do they know about the flags in the Oscars? Because the audience was very respected.
The Lunch Box
At the international level, The Lunch Box, which received praise at the national level, also looted the awards in many festivals. A different kind of love story which Indian people had never seen before. Irfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur had animated the characters with their performances. The story of the film goes through the lunch box and goes to the viewer's heart.
A Wednesday
Hardly have you heard of a movie which was made in India and Hollywood has raised its story, often it keeps reversing. Written and directed by Neeraj Pandey, A Wednesday is the story of a common man, whose one day the skull mocks and goes out to improve the system.
Gangs of Wasseypur
This film, released in two episodes, has become a cult in many cases. Its dialogs are used in people's colloquial language. Gangs of Wasseypur have identified many actors. Many people believe that if the history of the films winning Oscars has been there, even if the Gangs of Wasseypur was also sent, it might have brought some good news from there.
This film made in the Tamil language is the story of a gangster, Mani Ratnam has written and directed it. It is believed that the story of Mumbai's underworld don Varadarajan is based on Mudaliar's life. In 2005, Time Magazine placed it in its 100 All-Time Best Movies list.
Kaasav is a Marathi film released in 2016. It also got the Best National Film Award of the year. It was supposed to be sent to the Oscars, but it was followed by the Tamil film Interrogation.
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