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Everybody wants to look beautiful at this time and for the same reason people try different types of fashion. Moreover, it is not possible that you talk about fashion and hair does not come in the topic. Hairs are very important part of style and fashion. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to take care of hair. Hair care involves hair coloring too. While coloring the hair, you must pay attention to certain things. So that there is no bad effect on hair quality.

1- Take color according to your personality - There are many hair colors available in the market. You buy hair color according to your personality. So that both you and your hair can get a good look.

2- Know the information about side effects - Before coloring study full information about its side effects. Apart from this, if you are going to color your hair for the first time, then you should contact a professional.

3- Use gloves - if you are coloring hair at home then you must use gloves in your hands. Apart from this, take special care of eye protection.

4- Dry hair properly - Wash hair before coloring. After that, dry them properly. Then color the hair with one end of the comb.

5- Use cold water-Use cold water to wash hair after coloring. The hair color does not fade quickly if you do so.

6- Do not wash the hair immediately - after coloring the hair should not be washed immediately. Washing the hair quickly fades the color that you have applied thus making it look very light.

7- Avoid Colors - If you have any problems like allergies, dandruff, itching in scalp then avoid hair coloring.

8- Do not be together-If your hair is curly and is to be straightened then do it after 15-20 days after coloring. Together, both the chemical process will damage the hair and it will become rough and dry.

9- Trimming is important - it is important to first trim the hair before you opt for hair color as the damaged hairs will be removed and thus it will look clean and will be healthy.

10- Do not use dandruff shampoo – After hair color, you should not use dandruff shampoo because it contains chemicals which can lighten your hair color.

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