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If you think that only your phone has a problem with battery discharge, then it is not so. A large number of users face low battery woes on a regular basis and have been trying so much to do so. So, if you are one of those struggling with quick battery drainage problems, then here are some tricks with which you can increase your smartphone's battery backup.

Remove the live wallpaper

Do you know the use of live wallpaper uses more battery such as floating fish or balloons etc? Instead, make a wallpaper of a dark color to the wallpaper, the battery will last longer.

Reduce screen brightness

The screen consumes the most battery. The larger the screen, the more shiny and high resolution it will be, and the more power it will consume. If your phone has an auto mode for screen brightness, then use it and keep the brightness around 50 percent. This will cost the battery less. It has an advantage and it is that this will protect your eyes. You can increase the brightness while viewing a photo or video in need, such as in bright sunlight.

Avoid Spam Apps

Today there are a lot of free apps available, but that does not mean that you keep downloading the app without thinking. Download work apps only and if you think that you have stopped using some apps now then delete them from the phone. Uninstalling unneeded apps is easy to uninstall, but what about those useless apps that were already on the phone, but you never used them. If the battery is low in your phone, then reduce the use of camera and video for that time

Vibration mode also consumes battery

The phone consumes more battery if kept in vibration mode rather than a general profile. So, if it is not necessary, do not keep the phone in vibration mode. Disable it.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data

If you are among those people who want to have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data working forever, change this habit. Because of this, the battery gets drained more quickly and you may have trouble if you need it.

Turn off Location Services if the battery is about to end

Go to Settings-Locations Services and remove the tick mark from all the boxes. Location services will remain on, then the battery will drain on tracking the location of the phone. If needed, you can turn on the location service for some time.

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