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It is one heck of a task to find the perfect guy in today’s world. It’s not just hard but can at times turn into a never-ending quest. Yet after carefully observing what all qualities that you don’t like, you find the guy that you feel is perfect for you. But how do you know if he’s emotionally available? We’ve listed few signs to know that your significant other is emotionally available and is very much in love you:

1. He never forgets what he promises
Yes, an emotionally available guy knows well to keep all the promises. He works towards being a better person and a better partner every now and then by making himself just the way you want him to be (in a positive way).

2. He won’t ever force you
If you don’t like something, he won’t ever urge you to do it. He respects your preferences and opinions. He loves you despite all the no’s you say to him. And ones he gets to know about your dislikings, he won’t bug you any further with those things.

3. It shows that he cares
He cares about you and there are some glaring hints which you’ve already got to conclude to the fact that he really cares about you. Right from your eating habits, to your sleep, he takes care of everything, even though he’s not always present physically. He would keep on checking on you.

4. He loves to talk to you
He loves to talk to you for as long as he can. He loves sharing all his tiniest stuff with you. Right from work to his friends he shares everything with you. Also, he listens to every word of you when you speak.

5. He isn’t stuck in the past
Yes, he has kept the past where it should be -PAST. He doesn’t go to past every now and then, as he doesn’t feel like recalling it and ruining the present. He values his present, which is you.

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