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Finally the Avengers: Endgame has released last Friday, and not only us most of the people worldwide can’t sit calm. The broke all the records and fans going twice and three in the theatres for watching the movie. After all the spoilers and leaks, Marvel fans wouldn’t stop, instead, they avoided getting all the spoilers and chose to experience the real excitement.

Marvel has fans worldwide, so the fans from different sides celebrating this movie-festival in their own unique way.

Today, we have another example, scroll down to see now what the fan has done.

A man named as- Chris Davies broke his wrist accidentally and got the boring white plaster over his wrist for the support. But he is a Marvel fan, then how he can let this chance go. It seems funny, but only a true Marvel fan can understand. He decided to turn his plain white cast into Infinity Gauntlet.

Yes, you heard this right! But now you must be thinking that how. Is it Thanos who came after the end of Marvel series and gifted the guy his Gauntlet? (Just kidding) No, actually he is a fictional villain, but the fan is real. So he painted his cast into it.

See step by step how he has done this.

First, he turned its cast into golden color. By using the gold metallic acrylic paint.

Then he got some craft gems from a local craft shop and sized them up.

To bring out all the designs he drew the outline (it was a little tricky, as he had to use his left hand and he is right-handed).

After all the 3D paint, he used a black marker for the detailing.

Then painted his gems with few coats on coats and ended up adding some PVA glue to the paint for the gems, to bring the glossy shine.

And it has done. We have another man having a pretty looking Gauntlet.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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