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Whatever you eat, its effect is clearly visible on your health and lifestyle. Some food combinations are being traditionally used in food like - Dal-Bati, Dahi-Paratha, Litti-Chokha, etc. But now, some food combinations have become popular, which have a very bad effect on your health. Know what are these 5 food combinations -
1. Jam with bread - Most of us have enjoyed it in childhood and many times even now. But it is not beneficial for health in any way. Jam with white bread made from all-purpose flour, and Jam which contains only sugar with flavors. It can give you problems like high and low sugar. If you have to eat it, then use brown bread, which does not contain yeast.
2. Soda and pizza - in this diet you are taking starch, protein, and carbs in one go, along with giving extra weight on your digestive system. If you have a passion for drinking soda or cold drink with pizza, then you are working to slow down the process of your digestive system, which results in stomach problems. This is a very unhealthy combination to take.
3. Cheeses and pasta- Are you fond of eating cheese pasta? So, it is very important to know that tomatoes and cheese should not be used with it because it affects the digestion of fat in many ways. Instead, if you use green and baked vegetable in pasta, it can be healthier and also tasty.
4. Chocolate Milk- Cocoa is rich in oxalic acid that affects the absorption of calcium in your body. When you take it with milk or other substances, which is a good source of calcium for the body, then it can cause problems for your kidney. If you like hot chocolate, you can take it with skimmed milk.
5. Orange juice with breakfast - Many people take orange juice along with morning breakfast, but this combination is not right in health terms. With this, you can feel heaviness throughout the day. The acid present in the orange juice can disrupt the digestion of the carbs. If you keep an interval of about an hour in breakfast and juice, then it will be beneficial for your health.
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