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Swara Bhasker is on the top yet again because of much trolling on social media emerging out because of her upfront political views. The actress took to Twitter on Monday evening to post a sardonic tweet about her trollers, who are 'sweating it out in the heat to popularise my name'.

Swara shuns these people in a scoffing tweet. She wrote, "Awwwwwww!!!!! My trolls are hard at work again, sweating it out in the heat to popularise my name.. You guys are SO dedicated & sweet!!!""Don't mind the slut-shaming guys.. their imagination is a bit limited.. but loving the effort you two," she wrote, sharing two pictures of people holding up placards written about using 'your finger wisely'.

Swara, who speaks honestly in a bitter tone get her much hate from nasty trolls on social media, has always won over her nemesis with her sass and wit.It was last year when Swara's masturbation scene from her film Veere Di Wedding went viral and was the subject of much hate and detest on Twitter. Trolls had slammed her for being "vulgar" and "disgusting" and that such acts were against "Indian culture". Swara had laughed it away on social media with her sarcastic tweets. Other actresses like her close friend and Veere Di Wedding co-star Sonam Kapoor stood for her staunchly against the haters.

Sonam had said, "I think people just like to troll her because she has an opinion and a point of view and I guess that shows how much they love her because the other side of hate is always love, so Swara you have a lot of lovers!" she said in an interview."
This election, two of Swara's haters (including a girl) went out in the extreme heat and held up placards asking people to 'vote wisely'. "This election, don't be like Swara Bhaskar. Use your finger wisely, vote wisely! (sic)" read the placards. And we don’t know what to call them, sick? Or just uneducated poor beings?

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