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It is not easy to keep the responsibilities of both the family and office. There is no doubt that the life of working parents is not easy. Their day starts with a lot of work and stress and continues. Especially for the working mothers, getting up at home doing the household work and then looking after the children, provides a lot of difficulties. So, here are few tips to lower down your stress.
Take the help of the children in the work.
Every parent wants to give their child all the happiness in the world. But it is also a good habit to teach your child to do their own work from a very young age, and this can help you to make your child self-reliant. Therefore, according to the age of the child, you can take help of them in their work. For example - keep your things in its proper place, cleaning your own bed, putting the washed clothes in their place, etc.
Bathing and cleaning the washroom, cleaning the house, putting the clothes in the washing machine while preparing lunch, preparing food menu while playing with kids are some tasks that you can do easily. This will save your time.
Use the time
When you have to call friends or relatives or use the office breaks to complete any remaining work. While traveling in a bus, train or metro, take breakfast instead of taking a nap or use this time to organize this week schedule or to check email and office hours and work.
Be flexible
If possible, take work from home one day a week. By doing so many of your work will become easy. You will have the time that you consume while going to the office or coming back. You can do other work during this time period or you can spend that time on yourself completely.
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