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Summer often is harmful to your skin and body. The bright sunlight darkens the skin and the face. But if you take only 15 minutes from your busy schedule and try some home remedies, then it can return the lost color of your skin. The good thing about home remedies is that they do not have any side effects like chemical products which you buy from the market.
Do not forget the sunscreen
While leaving the house during the summer season, do not forget to apply sunscreen on the face as well as on the open parts of the body. Clean the face at night and moisturize well. This will prevent your skin from getting dry. Scrub 3-4 times a week in the summer and eat liquid diets as much as possible.
Raw milk and rose water
To give freshness to the skin, add a little rose water to the raw milk and apply it on the face. Leave for 15 minutes and repeat it 4 times a week. Skin care should be taken in summer. Whenever you come home from the outside, then first splash the cold water on your face. Then wipe with face towels and put the Aloe Vera gel on the face. It will give a cooling effect.
Tea bags:
Boil the tea leaves in a cup of water and filter them. Keep it cool for 15 minutes and then apply it on the skin. It will help in the removal of tanning. You can also soak the tea bag in water and keep it on the eyes. Eye irritation will be removed by doing so.
Aloe Vera leaves:
Aloe Vera removes skin irritation as well as relief from sunburn. Cut the fresh leaves of Aloe Vera from the middle and remove the gel. Put it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and then apply it on the face. Wash after half an hour with clean water. This will make your skin look fresh and remove tanning.
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