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After watching the epic drama, Avengers: Endgame, you’re quite likely to have many thoughts. Like, you actually sat all the three hours without even going to pee. You know how worth watching every bit of the movie was, and if you emotionally ripped apart by the end of things, then know this — you're not alone. We all were prepared for some major loss of lives, but they still managed to take us by surprise. In addition to the tear-jerking loss of Tony Stark, we also watch Natasha "Nat" Romanoff (aka Black Widow) die during her journey to find the Soul Stone.

The film’s plot is majorly about the team's effort to figure out a way to reverse Thanos's snap and bring back their dusted friends to life, a cause that Nat is particularly obsessed with. Nat seems to give up caring and paying heed to anything except finding a way to bring people back, throwing herself entirely into her work.

When the team finally figures out a way that can undo all the havoc caused by Thanos, it splits into three teams with who’ll travel back in time to collect the six infinity stones with Nat and Clint (aka Hawkeye) on the hook for the Soul Stone.
When Nat and Clint arrive at Vormir and encounter the Keeper of the Soul Stone (Red Skull), he informs them that t extracts a huge price ( a soul for a soul), sparking a fierce, passionate argument between the two longtime friends. Nat insists she throw herself from the cliff so that Clint has a chance of getting his family back, while Clint says he wants to sacrifice himself in hopes of giving his family a better life.

A violent scuffle follows between both the friends that end up with Nat pleading Clint to jump off the cliff and finally he did.
Black Widow's death was an utterly unexpected one (since we were also expecting a solo movie of hers), also, it packs nowhere near the emotional punch that Tony's demise does later on in the film. It could possibly be because her friendship with Hawkeye is one of the most underdeveloped relationships in the franchise, and part of it is because Nat is an underdeveloped character, throughout the course of Avengers.

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