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You may be surprised by hearing but this is a very true fact. This girl grows around the world and earns fifty lakhs of the month. Aileen Adalid, living in the Philippines, must be called 'World Citizen'. Three years ago he left the job of Deutsche Bank and started preparations for the world tour
Initially, Aileen started freelancing after leaving the job, such as web designing, graphic designing, SEO management, online marketing, etc. so that she could remove the expenses for her walking.
People are called 'Digital Nomad' because they are working like this. Currently, Aileen has three profiles.
Business Owner- Aileen runs an online company with its boyfriend Jonas, who makes products used for travel.
Technical Specialist- Aileen also handles the work of online marketing and SEO management for many brands.
Aileen's mission is to see all the countries of the world. So far, he has crossed the border of more than 50 countries. On his passport, countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Norway, India have been stuck. To prove to him that walking the world is not just the faces of the rich; these hobbies can be anybody's favourite.
Aileen works two through traveling. First, by telling your story, encouraging others to do the same, and secondly to guide people through their trip, which country can be hit and what can be done.If the travel worm is inside you or not, then take a look at Aileen's blog once, maybe your feelings will also wake up.
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