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Every love story will not have been written in the fate of destiny nor any game has been written in the fate of all lovers. Love also makes space in bad times, due to the accident, the story of this couple will be happy. In this case, it becomes something special and filmy.
11 years ago Nihal Thakkar and Anup Chandran met at a medical convention. Because of the car accident, both of the spinal cord was damaged and both were not able to walk.
When Anup and Nihal talked there, both of them got many similarities in their own accident. Both of the accidents were done in the same model car, the place was also the same, even the date was one, just the difference of months and years. An accident on June 22, 2003, and on November 22, 2005, at Nihal.
His story was first on April 10, 2017, Humans Of Bombay The Facebook page named y (HOB) put the world in front, almost two years later, The Better India (TBI) website re-contacted them and showed this unique love story to the world.
Anoop told HOB, "In the beginning, we used to talk about our accident and gave courage to each other. Then we started meeting with our friends for film, coffee, etc. and our things started till 4 o'clock in the morning. Both of them had come very close because of constant interaction, but there was no sense of love between the two. When Nihal went abroad in connection with work for 20 days and the long things of every day changed in the week, then the realization of the place is that.
Anoop told TBI, "I used to miss him every day, when we came back, both of us have shown their failings and dating started. At first, we got a lot of difficulties because we were both tied to Wheel Chair and needed help to go to the Bathroom or to get off the cab.
They decided to get married after seven years of dating. Both of them were not very happy with this decision.
For seven years, they continued to manage each other, giving mental help and after refusing the householders, they wanted to prove that they are perfect for each other and their love cannot become a wall of Wheel Chair.
'We have learned to live together and to co-exist with each other, recently we both went alone to Goa. That has been our best time so far. We are going to live like this. We may be Differently Abled but together we are complete. Anoop told HOB.
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