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Monday mornings for desi folk is not the best of weekdays. People no longer keep long Sunday nights. They don’t skip that drink in favor of those few extra hours of sleep. But Monday mornings since April 15 mean only one thing: Game of Thrones. The series, that has gained a cultism following over the past seven seasons, is in its last extension. We are three weeks into the last season of Game of Thrones. We’ve hit the midway mark. Three episodes down, three more to go. And if you saw that mortifying last episode with the Battle of Winterfell, you know that it is just going to get better.

Now in this part of the subcontinent, Game of Thrones airs at an eerie hour: 6.30am on Mondays. For our Westerly neighbors, waking up to see Game of Thrones at 6 am is an even more challenging task. So, a girl from Lahore chose to send a letter to Pakistani daily Dawn. She asked the government and offices to declare Mondays holiday to watch Game of Thrones. We are with you, girl!

In her letter, ‘the anonymous girl’ wrote, “I cannot accept we are already midway through the last season of Game of Thrones. All those characters Arya, Sansa, Jon Snow, the Lannisters, certainly will meet their end. Or kill the Night King. I wish we could easily watch shows like Game of Thrones on TV. In order to watch an episode on Monday morning, I have to stay up all night on Sunday or wake up at 5 am.

“The storyline and cinematography of the production are great. It is a story about two powerful families, kings, queens, knights, rebels, witches, liars and honest men. They play a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Sometimes when I watch the show, I think it reflects what is happening in governments today as well.

“I would like to request the government and bosses to declare the next three Mondays as national holidays so everyone can watch the show in peace – who knows who will survive.”

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