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Does it ever feel like some people never respond to your messages? It can be quite annoying, especially if you have something important to discuss. Often times, people are like fish, they can only remember something for a few seconds and then the next minute they’ve forgotten and moved onto something else.

Are you ever sitting in the living room, get up to get something in the kitchen and then once you’re in the kitchen you’ve already forgotten what you wanted? Maybe you’ve locked the door and then walk away thinking “did I remember to lock my door?”

If you know you are a forgetful person, using apps or making notes to remember things can be quite helpful. What’s the #1 question forgetful people ask?

Where’s my phone?
Where’s my purse/wallet?
Where are my keys?

At the grocery store, “what did I come here to buy?” and then you end up purchasing a lot of stuff that you didn’t need!

Some things get lost so easily they end up being a one-time use….hair bands, USB, headphones, and lighters. The one good thing about forgetful people, they’re nice and easy to get along with. Why? They don’t hold a grudge because they can’t remember.

This forgetful sense is often what happens when people read messages. They thought out their reply to you and then before they’ve had time to type it, they’ve already forgotten and gotten distracted by something else.

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