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May is here which means summer. Did you lose all the weight you planned to when you made that New Year’s resolution? You might have the determination to lose weight but when you’re a foodie, it can be very hard. The world has too much delicious food.

Is this what your summer body looks likes?

The beginning of the year, we all ran out to join a gym and lose weight. We’re gonna hit the gym 4 times a week, sweat it out, lose all that weight we put on during the winter and fantasize about looking like this.

But really we look like this when we show up to the gym… Oh no, not him, the guy on the right

We hope to feel like this after our workout:

The reality of how we feel is like this, though

Guys think this is what all girls look like at the gym:

But most of the time they’re just doing this:

We grocery shop and plan that our post-workout meals will look like this:

But you just worked out, you earned it, right? So you end up eating this…

Sometimes, you’re trying really hard to work out but your friends just won’t let you

I’m sure you have good intentions when you started that workout video at home but you actually have to put the ice cream down and stand up!

That’s why after a month of these “workouts” we still look like this:

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