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In the world of creativity, someone’s trash is another one’s treasure, and these pictures of second-hand made items will surely win your heart simply at a glance. We all know that thrift stores are loaded with some amazing second-hand items that are yet not-less a treasure by new owners.

Through social media platform, these weirdly amazing things are getting so much fame. And we have made the list of such items, that are most unusual specimens scroll down to see.

The time you know that it is the scene of having sex and it's after the family-making act, till the time you have already had so many glances over it and thought about it that what artist is even doing with these pins.

How about a dinosaur telephone! How cools is that no! I must say if you are the one who likes real gem-like things then find something like this to add in your home décor.

"Just a bunny sitting on a lawn chair reading a book. He spoke to me at GW and I rescued him. He moved into my bookshelf and looks happy."

This is one of the weird ones, an armored man turned into a toilet paper holder. So, would you like to keep something like this in your toilet?

The evolution of clocks, from straight wall clock to this one. It is a flexible molded desk-corner clock. It is a bit weird though but can be a great addition to your house.

The simple way to lose weight is- buy this cutlery set. After this eat using the set and you don’t need to go to the gym, no pills, and no diet even. Hahahaha…

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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