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When it comes to basic fitness issues, more than cough and flu, weight loss appears to remain troubling some average age group people the most. Including that’s the reason, fitness specialists and nutritionists keep innovating in new ways to overcome this hurdle. The latest extension to the list is the mixture of curd and lemon.
Let us know about the combo of curd and lemon is it good for the body:-
Weight loss- Keeping the weight loss aim in thought, curd and lemon have become the latest trend that considers this combo a superfood. While some specialists declare it a quick way to lose weight, there are analysts that describe it as a devil causing health hazards.
What actually happens- According to the International Journal of Obesity, adding fat-free yogurt into regular nutrition benefits in losing additional fat quickly. Additionally, lemon and citrus have powerful detoxifying effects on the body. They both assist during wiping out the toxins of the body. Both are acidic in character including exerting an alkaline effect and further help in supporting the internal healthy situation of being lightly alkaline. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that defends cell membranes, nourishes skin including benefits in healing wounds.
The right way to consume- It is recommended to maintain regular calcium intake up to 3 portions of milk/yogurt a day. And some sort of calcium supplementation should not be taken without consulting the therapeutic practitioner.
Verdict- In case you are desperate to lose weight, make assured that you cut out calories including balance the intake of vitamins and minerals to preserve the metabolic processes of the body at ease.
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