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Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 has somewhere left many fans disappointed with an unexplainable plot. Season 4 is a new attraction now and everyone is eager to see the latest developments. The third episode, featuring the battle of Winterfell set new records though in terms of viewerships. But, now that the great fight is over, there is a new challenge which is posed in front of the good ones. Let’s guess what can probably happen in the next episode, as it’s going to be an even more important one.

The next episode will surely begin with the post-battle scenes. It will come up with everyone slowly picking up and recovering from the nasty battle and some funerals too. In the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 promo, we saw the people cheering and raising their glasses for Daenerys. So, it is assumable that they acknowledged her contribution in the battle. And now they will support her in her claim for the throne.

It’s time for the unfinished conversation between Jon and Daenerys to go forward. Now that Jon has come to know his true identity, he and Dany might be at loggerheads with each other. So, presumably, there might occur a conflict or Jon will reveal that he is not interested in the throne and will win it for Dany.

Cersei wasn’t a part of the second and third episode. So, hopefully, she will get more screen space now. Since now that her coming back to power is clear, she is going to lay down the plans for the upcoming battle. On the other hand, we might also see Bronn giving a thought over his decision to kill Jaime and Tyrion.
We can surely expect a lot of stuff from King’s Landing this time. Till now, we have hardly had any glimpse of Qyburn or the Mountain. So, in the next episode, we can look forward to seeing them involved in the battle plans.

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