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Have you ever realized how almost every other day you’re being questioned for being slim or fat? Often times, it is considered a light harmless remark, but in reality, it affects the psychology of a person to a huge extent. You have no idea how badly aggressive it makes the other person when you comment on his/her body, Dude! You have no right to judge anyone’s body, you aren’t Jesus, are you?

Criticizing someone because of their body makes the other person fall in the pit-hole of depression, they start questioning their own selves, their existence; and nothing could be worse than that. Every you hail someone “moti” or “sukdi”, you don’t sound funny at all(mind that). If you’ve got a good posture then don’t think that others would possess the same as you, maybe they’ve got a better mind than you, or maybe they’re more talented than you. Do you see that? Or have you ever evaluated yourself as to what you have or what have you achieved having a great body? I’m sure nowhere, except few one night stands, I know I’m correct.

Body shaming messages from social media and from each other often imply that we should want to change ourselves, that we should care about looking slimmer or healthier, smaller, and tanner. And if we don’t, we worry that we are going to be the ones who’d be bombarded with body-shaming jokes and remarks.

The problem is seriously not food, it’s the society. The society has taught us how more important it is to look good other than being good. How a body structure is more important than a proper mental structure. The one whose body shames are the quintessential of the vicious circle called society.
If you are the one who’s been body shamed every now and then, know that people have got mouths to speak which you can’t control, but you can surely do your best by ignoring or asking them to look into themselves first before judging others. Know that you are the best, and your body doesn’t define as to what you are as a person.

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