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Subsequent to experiencing passionate feelings for somebody, the best test is telling your feeling in words. While 'I Love You' stays a standout amongst the most supported expressions however saying it within the sight of the cherished one can be very overwhelming. On the off chance that you are pondering what extra words or expressions to utilize, at that point you are in the correct spot in light of the fact that there are a few stages to express appreciation and love for an individual without telling, 'I Love You'.

A portion of the expressions which help in communicating love for an individual without saying 'I Love You':-

You mean everything to me
If you state, 'You mean everything to me' you are organizing the stage for a greater declaration. On the off chance that you should be bolder, you can even advise, 'You are my life', which will leave no doubt with respect to your emotions or what you need to pass on.

You complete me
One of the reasons why individuals search for a perfect partner or life partner is to get the individual who finishes us. Educating somebody that the person in question finishes you. This is another style to demonstrate your adoration and dedication.

You are the one
What could be more sentimental than gazing according to the individual you are enamored with and telling these expressions, "You are the ONE". This stage can be finished in a few different ways—you are the one I need to consume my time on earth with; you are the one I have been searching for a considerable length of time; you are the person who has satisfied that void in my life.

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