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If you love drinking and but also, you want to lose weight, it surely is a hard task. But that doesn’t mean you have to totally abstain from drinking. Surely, your weight gain depends on the quantity and quality of the hard-drink you consume, but the time you sip your drink also has a crucial role to play.
So, if you are someone who is trying to curb all the fats but cannot resist indulging, then this is a treat to your eyes:

1. The time you’re eating veggies
During a party or some sort of social gathering where drinks are involved, we usually forget to keep a balance between the amount of alcohol we’re having and the amount of food we’re eating. We make poor choices of food(junk snacks) while drinking. Now if you’re going somewhere, where you can’t say no to alcohol, just order a platter of veggies. This will prevent you from having the junky bowl of chips and will also help you drink in a controlled way.

2. At the dinner table
Experts suggest one of the best times to consume alcohol is during dinner. Alcohol does not send the same sort of satisfactory signal to your brain as other food and beverages do. Drinking at intervals during mealtimes will make you consume less and you will stay away from unhealthy food stuff. Once you feel full you will not be able to drink any more alcohol.

3. Making your own peg
You know you drinker friends won’t really allow you to have less amount of alcohol, normally they’ll grab your glass and make the mix, but no, don’t let that happen. In a club, a bartender mixes alcohol that contains a lot of calories, which is harmful. Also, soda and tonics are high in calorie count. When you get a chance to make your own drink, make sure you don’t use sugary beverages and practice portion control.

4. Going out with light alcoholics
The best way to avoid any sort of health issues, or if you really don’t want to put on weight, get along with people who’re just like you. If you go out with hard drinkers, you know it will not be easy for you to resist them. Therefore, make your choice wisely.

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