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India is a country of rich diversity. Whether it’s in the language or food. Whether it is Chole Bhature or Pyaaz Kachori from Punjab to Karnataka, every state has something special to offer. A survey conducted by the ‘Taste of Travel’ among 56,727 respondents over 30 markets revealed that Kolkata is the best spot for a large variety of street food, reported The Times Of India.
Lip smacking dishes are being sold in every corner of the capital city of Bengal, here is a list of five street food items that should be on your wish list if ever you decide to travel Kolkata:

Of course Golgappas in Delhi and Panipuri in Bombay have their own flavor, but West Bengal’s Phuchka is considered as India’s best version of this dish. The tamarind water and the stuffing which is made of boiled potato mash, mixed with onions, chillies, Bengal gram and chaat masala makes it a heavenly chaat for the Bengalis. One can actually find around 20 types of ‘Phuchkas’ in Kolkata.

Kathi Rolls
Over the years many varieties of this all over the country and have come into the markets but eating it at a place traditionally over-ruled by Aloo tikkis and Choole Kulche, Kolkata Kathi rolls are best enjoyed in the city alone.

Chinese/Tibetan Food
Traditional ‘Thupka’ made of vegetables, meat and noodles are a thing one should not miss tasting while in Kolkata. Tiretti Bazaar is your destination if you feel like skipping the traditional fish and rice at home.

Every Bengali’s get a watery mouth even hearing about this. Made of white and yellow gram peas, the dish includes fresh green coriander, chillies, onions, tamarind and mint. Found in every corner of Bengal actually, it can be enjoyed either with bread but is a filling dish in itself.

Jhal Muri
The best and the unique you can fetch from the city. Jhal muri is more of an emotion for every Bengali. It is an easy to go street food item that can be enjoyed during all seasons. To know where you can the best of it, you need to visit the banks of the Hooghly River, near Babughat or visit the stalls near the Victoria Memorial, and the Kolkata Maidan.

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