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It has almost been known to all by now that India ranks first amongst the most depressed countries of the world. Now another bad news dropped in is that Hypertension prevalence in India is also quite high, but only 45% of people are aware of their diagnosis, according to a first large–scale population-based research of hypertension care in the country.

Researchers have used National Health and Family Survey (NFHS-4, 2015-16) data of 731864 individuals of an age ranging from 15 to 49 years, which covered each district of 29 states and 7 union territories of India.
The study published in PLOS Medicine brings out the fact that 3 out of 4 persons with hypertension ever had their blood pressure checked, less than even half of the individuals (45%) had been diagnosed, 13% reported currently taking hypertensive medication, while 8% had their blood pressure under control. It also found that adults residing in rural areas, having lesser knowledge about all these, men, and those who were poorer, were even less likely to receive the proper care they need.

Only 5.3% of hypertensive men and 10.9% of hypertensive women aged 15-49 years have their blood pressure under control (i.e., they are under medications and have a normal blood pressure), it indicated.
There is also a big state-level variation in hypertension screening. Screening of hypertensive individuals was found the lowest in Madhya Pradesh (61.3%) and highest in Haryana (93.5%). More than half of Indians of the age 15-49 years going through hypertension are not aware of their hypertension status. The Awareness graph was found the lowest in Chhattisgarh (22.1%) and highest in Puducherry (80.5%).

The study brought into notice the urgent need for spreading this hypertension awareness, care and control for all Indians and especially amongst the most crucial years (15-49 years).

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