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If you are a working woman and the mother of two, it must be daunting for you to save some time to unclutter your house, wardrobe, and kitchen. But don’t worry if so you, here we are to help you in a super easy way. We have the tips from working moms to share that can really help you because they are great organizers too.

Spending your weekends in clearing your wardrobes, your kids' wardrobe, then dusting, cooking food, taking care of the things that you have touched in previous Christmas Eve. If you don’t want to give your weekends devoted only to cleaning then below tips will help you.

No to extra hangers: If you have extra hangers, they will ask you for more dresses, and this will end in a ruined wardrobe full of clutter.

Use your drawers and storage: Ok so drawers and storage spaces are not for the showcase, so keep them filled. Don’t leave any space that anything else can be squeezed in there.

Don’t turn everything into storage opportunity: If you buy your bed because it has so much space, even at the back of the headboard, this will invite you to buy more and store more. Moreover they sometimes just ruin the décor. So don’t stick to them, and try to move on.

Say no to “storerooms”: So this might sound clumsy that I am saying no to “storage rooms”… what? But, think more practically, if you have a room like that you will fill that one with the stuff you don’t really need.

Divide the sections in your wardrobe: If you want to stay protected from the wardrobe clutter, then you can achieve it by dividing your wardrobe. For example all the basics (white, black and grey) t-shirts, tops and shirts in one section, devoting your half of the drawer to your daily wear lingerie, and a half to the glamour one. You can divide your outfit space into three categories: (a) Casual wear, (b) office/formal wear, and (c) party/wedding wear.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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