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France stressed on getting a permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to Germany, Brazil, and Japan, including India. France’s ambassador, Franco Dellater, told in the UN that there is a dire need for permanent membership of all these countries so that these countries can strategically improve their position.

The membership of these countries in the United Nations is one of the priorities of France. Ambassador said that India is a strong contender for this post. He has faced many challenges in front of and facing up.

Dilettar had told the media last week, “France and Germany have a strong policy. These two countries work together to develop the UN. For the development of the UN, Germany must get permanent membership, so that we can work to better reflect the world. We consider it very important. “He said that India is also trying to get long-standing membership in the UN Security Council. In fact, he is entitled to it.


Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin is the permanent representative of India in the UN. In the UN membership this year, there was an informal meeting of the Plenary on the issue of equal representation and increase in membership. In this meeting, Akbaruddin talked about permanent membership of India. Akbaruddin had said that more than 90 percent of applicants believe that the number of member countries in the UN should be increased.

According to Dellatre, France believes that by expanding the UN with some key members, “it is one of our strategic priorities.” Dellart said that France also believes that Germany, Germany, Proper representation of Japan, India, Brazil and especially Africa is essential. This is also a priority for us.

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