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Generally, whenever we travel on the train, there are many things to eat and drink that we get from home. But while traveling on the train there are some things that should never be taken on the train journey. Today we are telling you about these things.
Eggs are a favorite of many people. Omelets or half fry made from eggs are loved by everyone. But while you're traveling on the train, an omelet can increase your problems. We all know that eggs and omelet smells. Imagine if you pack an omelet to eat in the train and open your Tiffin there, how would it feel? Apart from this, the omelet becomes bad enough, especially when it is packed completely.
Packed Juice:
The juice found in the train is kept in ice or refrigerator. Packed juices are usually kept in cold and dry places. When the juice comes in contact with the hot temperature of the train, the chances of spoiling them are high. So do not take a packed juice 4with you during the train trip.
When you travel by train, you will have to buy flavored milk and drink it. But you should never take milk with you. Due to closing and changing temperature, the milk quickly gets damaged, which is not right for the health. Therefore, during the summer season, the milk should not be taken along during the train travel.
Many people who like eating non-veg also carry it during the journey, which is not right at all. Eating meat in the train can lead to food poisoning or you may also be a victim of acidity or loose motions.
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