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Trekking's popularity is steadily increasing. It has become a part of everyone’s bucket list. If you are also planning to do this adventure, then we are telling you some special tips for this.
Start Trekking Training
Even if you have 12 months for going on trekking, you can always start preparing for your program. Slowly, look at your strength and fitness, how much you are ready for trekking and how much you need to be ready. Start preparing in advance to increase your fitness.
Choose the right shoes
The most important part of trekking is choosing the best quality footwear. Walking in training is extremely important. A succulent hiking shoe is essential with Ankle Protection but avoids long ankle cuffs as you may have trouble with this.
The right selection of socks
Shoes, as well as good quality socks, will help you the most in trekking. Wrong socks with the right shoe can be difficult for your trip. Also, keep in mind that if the socks are waterproof then it is better.
Gym for foot strengthening
Foot strength is very important for the trek. Apart from walking in your training, what you can do to strengthen your feet. Exercises like Leg Press and Wet Squats will help you do this.
Walking in your training will be the foundation of your training program and it is most important. As your fitness will become better, try to walk and rum continuously and make it a daily routine.
Keep the backpack carefully.
Keep your food items, water, clothes and other things with you. But keep in mind that the weight for all these items should not be heavy because it will later create a problem for you.
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