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Temperatures are the highest in the month of May. This heat also enhances the temperature outside, as well as produces heat in the body so that the person feels fatigued and irritability, which has an effect on its concentration. Along with drinking water, it is also important to eat the right food to stay healthy in the summer. Incorrect food intake can have an impact on the food system.
During the summer, the following food items should be avoided:
1. Spices:
Avoid excessive consumption of spices during the summer. They transmit heat in the body and promote metabolism rate. Also, it will make you feel heavy and uneasy.
2. Non-vegetarian:
Summer is not suitable for eating fish, chicken, meat, seafood and gravy dishes. In fact, this makes the person sweat more and the problems of digestion are also common. You can have Diarrhea if you consume a lot of meat.
3. Oily Junk Food:
Avoid consumption of meat, burgers, deep fried dishes and other oil food items this season. It will affect your digestion and metabolism rate.
4. Tea and Coffee:
These beverages should definitely be avoided. Caffeine and other beverages are actually the cause of body dehydration with the increase of heat in your body.
5. Avoid eating sauce:
There are about 350 calories in it, which can make you dull. Some sauces contain very high salt and MSG (monosodium glutamate).
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