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Every woman is caught up in her busy schedules. She is the only one who can handle both work and household with grace. But with so many things in mind, there are things or work which she may end up forgetting. But the digital world has made things easy for her. Here are must-have apps for women which helps them have a sorted and peaceful life.

The every month cycle that everywomen go through is quite difficult to keep track off. Earlier women would do their period maths with the help of calendars. But with Workaholic and passionate women of today’s world, it’s very difficult to do it the old way. Clue is the most recommended app by OB/ GYN. Whether you want to figure out the starting of your cycle or the mood of your cycle Clue is the right app for you. With this, you can handle your cycle like a pro.

Handling finances are one of the most difficult tasks. With all the calculations it’s the most time-consuming task. But to get you rid of the calculations and remove the stress Mint has come for your rescue. It makes managing money a cakewalk for you. With this amazing app, you can make monthly budgets and also save your money. Also, it helps you figure out your expenditure with a click.

Being updated is the need of the hour. And, with all the home, work schedule there is hardly any time to have a look at what is going on in the world. Flipboard does the work for you. It is like carrying your magazine, newspaper and the dose of daily updates all in one small app. Plus it would never irritate you or disturb you with news and updates you are not interested in. One can select the type of stories we want and you only get that. Isn’t it amazing?

Carrying planners along is just extra weight in the bag and old school. How about having an app which plans your day and manages your to-do list? Wunderlist will be your best friend. It not only manages your to-do list but also handles collaborative lists for things like work. And, everyone can pitch in around the house.

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