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Well, this is a known fact that one of the most disastrous things which can happen in a relationship is cheating. No matter who cheats, a relationship is just meant to collapse after such a incident. But, if your love is way stronger and you somewhere believe that there has to be some loopholes in your relationship which made the other partner find solace in a third partner, there’s a good chance that your relationship might survive. Here’s how it can pick up the broken pieces and come out all new:

1. Honesty
The first factor which might save things up is utter honesty from the ones who’ve cheated. You might be shot with thousands of questions as to what and why, but one has to patient and soft enough to answer those if you know that you are a flaw.

2. Patience
It’s next to impossible that you settle with peace soon under such circumstances. It takes tons of patience from both the partners to rebuild the broken trust all over again and get back to the normal state of mind. Yes, you guys have to give some time.

3. Main Cause
It’s not possible for any couple out there to let go of things so easily unless you’re not addressing the underlying issues in your relationship. It would be best to sit down with an open mind and hold a very honest discussion as to what went wrong. It might happen that both of you could identify the mistakes that you have been repeating without really knowing.

4. Start all over clearly
Cheating, of course, shakes the very base of a relationship and a couple has to start all over again to make the relationship work. But, once you guys have discussed the underlying issues and looked for ways to resolve them, it’s actually the best to move on from the past and start making your present beautiful as it was when you guys met the first time.

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