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In the Google, I/O event Google announced the new beta of Android 10. It can also be called Android Q. The company added some special features to this Android. However, there will be no major changes in the user interface other than enhanced gesture support.

The company has said that there are 2.5 billion active Android users worldwide. The company has said that this time Android’s focus is also on privacy. You will find some locations based privacy features which Apple already provides in iOS.

The company said that Android Q will support the Foldable Display. Since in the near future, companies will launch smartphones with a foldable display. So Google is ready with Android Q. It will be great for multi-tasking. Many apps will be able to run together, chatting even when watching videos. Android Q will also provide 5G support. According to the company, this year the support of 5G will be given by 20 Telecom Company.

Live caption feature will be found in Android Q. If you want to watch the video on mute, you can listen to it by placing captions in audio and video. This is a live caption and will convert the given sequence into a text to the audio video. It was interesting to find in Demonstrations that in the coming time, how will it make life easier in real life?

Smart Qualification feature is provided in the Android Q, which will make it easier to reply to messages by reading it. It’s similar to the Gmail feature that will now be available for all messaging apps. This feature is from Android, but for this, the other app will have to give permission. Under this feature, custom replies made by you in reply to any message will be sent.

Android Q will also provide Dark mode which users were waiting for a long time. A location access reminder for security has been given. An app will be given a reminder of if your location is accessing so that you can know which apps are accessing your location.

You will find some tweaks in notifications in Android 10 Such as auto-reply to chats. Along with this, you will be given a notification Assistant. A bubble pop-up window will open which you can drag. Under this feature, you can set a timer for the usage of apps so that more apps can not be used for set limits. It also gives a few minutes of grace time. Android Q will be embedded by nearly 21 technology brands in the future.

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