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A child’s first word is as precious as gold, and parents can’t wait to hear this first word of pure innocence. Of course the mom and dad sort of compete with each other to see if the baby's first word is 'mama' or 'dada'. But as we know that generations have changed and it’s no more as innocent as we assume it to be, all thanks to the technology that has taken over our lives.While AI is changing our lives in wonderful ways, it might also play spoilsport.

The parents of a toddler from the United States were taken aback after their kid uttered her first word - it wasn't 'mom' or 'dad', it was 'Alexa'.The 26-year-old mother is from Blandford Forum, Dorset was shocked when her daughter Annabelle said her first word. The baby girl got hold of the Amazon Echo and repeatedly said "Alexa".

The little toddler had been observing her three-year-old brother Lucas play with the voice-activated gadget for months. Annabelle's mother, Catherine even called up her husband Liam to see the girl say her first words.
Liam, while speaking to the Mirror, said that since she learned to say the word on Monday, Annabelle has kept repeating it a dozen times, even when she was getting baptized later that day.The girl's father further said that they used the technical gadget with the children to play nursery rhymes.

The toddler seems to have fallen in love with the word according to her upset parents who struggled to teach her 'Ma' and 'Pa'. Annabelle says 'Alexa' the moment she wakes up! It’s quite a weird thing for any parents to hear such a thing.
It has become quite an easy thing for children interacting with voice-assistant technology to memorize words and this is worrying not just in Annabelle's case, but in many others. This thing has also sparked a new debate as to how technology is affecting so early in a human’s life.

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