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Whenever you suffer from a headache or already have a migraine syndrome, you know nothing can really be worse than this. Your head controls your whole body and when the head is not in a good disposition you know that nothing feels good. It really wreaks havoc!
For people who don’t like to take any medical aid, they tend to rely on caffeine to get relieved from the pain, but can coffee really cure that pain in your head? Experts suggest there is a very different problem lying beneath.

According to doctors, while coffee may seem to cure your migraines, it can also be bad it. Depending on the intensity of the pain and your sensitivity to caffeine, coffee may or may not hold the key to cure your chronic problem.

The reason behind is, headaches are caused when certain blood vessels swell up in the brain. Caffeine present in coffee exerts a pressure on the blood vessels to contract and reduce the swelling and at the same time, relaxes the muscles around the tensed area. This might make you consider coffee like a wonder drug to stop the tear-jerking pain, but if you have caffeine in a much larger quantity, the same muscles could actually get more worked up, therefore, enhancing the already existing pain.

One must also know the fact that caffeine affects everyone in a different way and hence may not hold the answer to solving pain and migraines. You must have heard how coffee doesn't actually wake some people up from deep sleep while in others cause anxiety at times as well, the same way coffee may not really help everybody get rid of a tension headache or a migraine. So, relying on caffeine alone won't help you out.

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