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The IT company of Indore has given employees many facilities, for the women-only crèches, feeding rooms in the office. During the work, they can get rid of fatigue, but the 8-hour duty time is fixed.

There is no time for employees coming to the office of an IT company, which started in New IT Park. They can get rid of fatigue during work. Once you have logged in, it is important to work 8 hours. The company has just started recently in the newly built IT Park located in the Office of Electronic Complex.

All arrangements have been made to eradicate the fatigue and stress of IT Expert working for the IT company. For the first time in the state, the facility of free crèche (cottage house) has been provided in the office for the supervision of women employees. The live broadcast of CCTV cameras held here is on their mobile so that they can see what their child is doing whenever they want. A crate has a feeding room in its own right.

Employees can play indoor games to refresh the mood during work. The gymnasium has been made in the office only for health reasons. There is no stress, so there are also Laughter rooms and music halls. Employees can enjoy here. There is also a garden facility on the premises for talking or walking on the mobile. If an employee is feeling excessively tired, then there is also a restroom for sleeping. The attractive lobby has been created to meet visitors.

The three friends of Indore, Amit Agarwal, Kuldeep Kundal and Abhishek Pareek, started the company 15 years ago from a flat at Race Course Road. Currently, this company has a business in more than three dozen countries. It has offices in four countries. More than 200 companies are their customers. There are currently 800 employees in Indore. 2000 aims to give jobs to unemployed.

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