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YouTube Premium users will now be able to listen to songs without the video. This will reduce the carbon footprint of the company by 5 million tons CO2 annually. According to researchers, Youtube’s annual carbon footprint is equivalent to 10 million tonnes annually CO2. A lot of energy is used in streaming video. With the help of an internet or phone network, the video passes through some servers to access the user, who host the data center.

The company owned by data centers, such as Google, also owns YouTube. It uses carbon dioxide in large quantities, which is produced by coal or natural gas. They give them power. According to Bristol University, video streaming giant can reduce its carbon footprint, if they allow users to listen to audio on an attractive screen.

Such users who do not pay, have to keep the screen active to listen to the songs on the YouTube app. That means the screen is locked or the phone is locked even when the phone is locked. Only now, premium subscribers who pay each month can listen to the audio without keeping the screen active.

About this, researcher Professor Christ Priest said that data centers are focused on cutting digital waste. This makes the digital pipeline more environmentally friendly, but accounting is also supplying hardware to it. He further said that the use of energy is used in data centers. However, network equipment spread across the globe is also included, if a user is watching the mobile then the mobile transmission mast is also included.

Professor Chris Priest said that YouTube buys green energy to offset the share of its data centers, which is a good thing. Chris Priest said Google is one of the leading companies to do this from the environmental perspective. In addition to YouTube data, the team used the energy statistics of Netflix Data Centers. The statistics of Netflix data centers are equal to the efficiency of YouTube.

Fuel burns on driving, resulting in CO2 in the atmosphere. Similarly, when cooking or eating food, it also produces CO2 in some quantity. That is, the carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released in the Earth’s atmosphere due to the daily activities of the human race, domestic or commercially.

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