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Feet are the last part of our body and thus we care less about them. But bad feet can give a bad impression. And, one cant gets a pedicure in the busy schedules. What’s the point to have the best face and hands but unhygienic dirty and rough feet? Actually, feet like the other body parts need to be given attention and care. Here is some daily care routine to help you get happy feet.


Just like your face need to be washed after a long day to get rid off all the dirt and pollution your feet need that too. After a long day of walking in dirt and pollution, your feet which are closer to the ground gets dirty and the dirt makes them rough and unhygienic. Thus it is recommended to wash feet before going to bed in order to keep them fresh and clean.


After washing it is very important to moisturize your feet. As washing makes it dry. One should use foot creme or deep moisturizer to make feet soft. It is recommended to use a hot towel after moisturizing once a week in order to make them soft and get a destressing therapy.


Remove your nail paint from your feet. It is recommended to not let your nail paint last for more than 2 days. Also, avoid applying dark colored nail paints. After removing nail paints apply oil to strengthen your nails. Take a break from applying nail paints once a while for happy clean feet.


Everyone is aware of exfoliating face for removal of dead skin and have new fresh breathing skin. The same way one needs to exfoliate or scrub feet. Doing this once a week can be of great help. Also, using De tanning or deep moisturizing packs can make your feet soft, free of dead skin and fresh.


Soak feet in the water is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. And, not only this it keeps your feet clean. One can also use Aroma salts, Peroxides, Lemon, etc for better results.

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