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You simply must be straightforward with yourself. In the event that the person you're dating is steering clear of the real issue and leading you on, you need to cut the line. You should realize whether you're seeing someone not, and there shouldn't be an in the middle. Furthermore, on the off chance that he's not the one letting you know, at that point you should attempt to place it into viewpoint. Here are signs that tell he is simply playing with you.

Emotional episodes

He has different sides to him. Excessively grouchy and excessively delighted. He never appears to have a typical day with you. There will be days when he just overlooks you and effectively gets irate over little things and days when he simply needs to stick around all of your days long, urgently requiring you.

No profound discussions

He generally abstains from discussing the things you need to do with him later on and rather, he simply needs to simply mess around with you. He inclines toward little talks and being a tease than having one of those become acquainted with you-more discussions.

Not intrigued with your life

He may have asked you the fundamental inquiries like 'where do you live' or 'what number of kin do you have' on your first date however he promptly eradicated it in his brain since you're not simply that significant taking space in his life.

He's concealing you

You've been dating for a long while now yet despite everything he hasn't acquainted you even just with his companions. He generally says later however he never truly does. Notwithstanding when both of you are out together and a companion he knows approaches both of you, he doesn't present you as his better half however only a companion.


It's solitary amusing to be baffling in an initial couple of dates however in the event that both of you have just been hanging out for quite a while now yet regardless you don't have a clue about the littlest insights concerning him, it's a sign he doesn't need you to be profoundly associated with him. He may not likewise need you in his life and possibly considers you to be somebody he can supplant when another person goes along.

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