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The gym is not for everyone (at least for my kind of people), I hate going to the gym, maybe I feel bored there, don’t know. But I am not alone there are many people who want to get in shape or do some workout but the gym is not the place for them, this is clear.

So, I thought to find some ways to get fit and ignore going to the gym as well. Below I have listed some interesting ways to get fit, scroll down.

Go Dace It Out

there are two benefits of dancing and that is- first while dancing you will learn so much and on the same time burn a lot of fat, while the second benefit is that a dancer has the freedom to express his/her thoughts when he/she dance. So, it’s upon you, either you can choose to dance and bring out everything.

Mix Martial Arts

If you love martial art or inspired by Akshay Kumar, mix martial art is the best work out for all, even kid can opt for this activity as well. After a time you will see that your body and mind are getting active and strong. It also prepares you to fight against various problems that life throw.


You know yoga is the best. I know its results are slow but it is worth doing. Because after investing even 30 minutes in doing yoga poses, it will really make your body and mind feel fresh. Either you can join classes or do it yourself (only if you have done it before).


It is not practical to ride a cycle in the morning till the office gate if we start doing it before reaching office we will become literally ghost full of sweat and smell. So, wake up early in the morning and go cycling in the fresh air of the morning.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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