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As they say that Student Of the Year 2 has been one of the most awaited movies of 2019, for all the fans of Tiger Shroff out there, your movie has finally arrived. Once again it’s time to witness the larger than life universe of Karan Johar and all the glitz and glamour associated with the star kids of course.

Let’s get into the plot of the movie, in brief, Rohan Sehgal, a small town guy who’s madly in love with his childhood lover, Mridula (Tara Sutaria) follows her to the city’s top college, Saint Teresa. Of course, the college is such a college where there’s everything except academics, beginning right from every kind of sports and dance and prom nights and of course, the designer wears by the two new entries Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey. At every point of time, you would want to feel like “kaash mera bhi college aisa hota, jisme padhai chordh ke sab kuch hota”

There’s a lot of burden on Tiger Shroff, the competitions, the fist fights, the ladies, the urge to prove himself number one of the year which reflects in the signature dialogue of the move “Din tera tha, saal mera hoga”.
His sharp rogued looks intensifed his starry screen presence even when you never really identify his emotions.
Talking about the girls, they are mostly fashion models who sport the best attire that money can buy, it’s more of a Fashion Tv incorporated in the movie to inspire the fashion bloggers around, maybe. Tara Sutaria’s performance is totally underwhelming and Ananya Pandey’s role is still something you can call good for she’s got a convincing story that supports her performance. Aditya Seal plays his part really good, projecting every bit of the spoiled brat he is with intense looks and class.

Comedy happens to be the saving grace for the entire mess, Tiger Shroff's gang of friends make some actual lol moments where special mention has to be done for youtuber Harsh Beniwal, who leaves a lasting impression with his good flair for humor.

The entire effort has been put upon the visual appeal of the flick contributing very less to the seriousness of the story. Music lacks depth unlike the first SOTY, where you can still find “Ishq wala love” in your playlist. This is a sheer disaster when it comes to music, totally.
There is no 'padhai', no stress of an exam, but only 'dosti', kabaddi and really cool stuff only to leave you with an impression that your dad can never really afford such a college, in this life.

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