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If you’ve been into a relationship for long, you know that too much of clinginess may not be a healthy thing in a relationship. Sometimes, being at a little distance is all you require to spice up things a little bit more. Therefore, if your partner asks you to meet daily, say no to him for a few days, here’s why:

1. The longing intensifies the love
Yes, the more you’re apart, the more your love gets deepened. The impatience and restlessness that arises are a result of an intensified love when both of you realize how much you guys miss each other.

2. It can resolve issues
When both of you are together every time, chances are there might arise many conflicts and issues and a very less chance of solving them out. But when to choose to stay away for a while, you develop a fresh perspective on things and what all went wrong. Therefore, when you guys meet to solve things up, it actually does.

3. More topics to talk about
When there happens to be a gap between both of you, more things to discuss upon remains saved, and the next time you meet, you just don’t get bored because there’s so much to talk about already.

4. Meeting after a break is really romantic
This holds completely true when you reunite after a tiff or a break for long, quite naturally there’s this spark of romance that gets reignited and lovemaking has to feel the best at this point of time.

5. But don’t do it for sport
It might be really good to stay away from your partner only when you get a feeling like things aren’t working out well; this break is just to intensify the love and to realize each other’s value. But doing it as often as possible for sport may harm it more and make you guys apart from other than bringing you closer.

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