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Nutritious foods have a vital role to lead a healthy life. Our body does not get proper nutrition because of the changing lifestyle of our living and a daily routine. You have observed women's are not serious about their health. For the proper functioning of our body, we need all the nutritious elements. These elements are more essential to lead a healthy life. Today we will point out those elements in this post.
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is essential to treat nerve cells for the proper function of our body and helps in the formation of red blood cells. This also helps to maintain our energy level and in increasing memory power. The vitamin is suitable to keep away our heart problems. You should eat the following like Milk products, Grain, and yogurt.
Biotin is important for the healthy growth of the nail, skin, and hair. These are essential elements for pregnant women and new mothers. Eggs, Almonds, Cauliflower, Cheese, and Sweat potato are the source of biotin.
For the development of red blood cells in our body iron plays a vital role. Menstrual cycle causes the deficiency of iron in most of the women's. Therefore, iron is essential in our food supplements. A woman may add this element in their food. Spinach, Pumpkin seeds, and milk are the source of iron.
Vitamin D
For the strongest bone, Vitamin D is a vital element.It may affect the bone after post menopause. Osteoporosis is a major problem after menopause. It maintains the level of phosphorus and calcium in our body.Milk, Ladyfinger, Spinach and soya bean are the rich sources of vitamin D.
We need calcium for the proper function of the heart, muscles and the veins. Its deficiency leads to the risk of osteoporosis (a disease of bone) Cheese, curd, pulse, and green vegetables are the rich sources of calcium.
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